Thursday, July 26, 2007

on the run

I promise promise promise that I will eventually update with lots of travel stories and pics. I don't want to ruin the highlights though, with out proper illustration. So once I get to a computer with internet and all of mine and Elayna's pics on it, I don't won't to spoil the coolness. Suffice it to say, we've covered Italy, became citizens of the State of Exit in Serbia, surfed our way through the couches of Croatia, and now we are exploring Bosnia. Tomorrow night we head back to the great Bulgarian wilderness. I'm so happy to be headed back that way. Although I don't plan on getting much rest anytime soon, I will be glad to get back to someplace I kind of know.

Next on the agenda: Bulgaria: Super throw down party for Kaka Yulia's birthday; whirlwind rental car tour of western Bulgaria, settle down for a month of serious studying to become a certified English teacher (by Cambridge Uni, thankyouverymuch).

That's all for now. XOXO from Sarajevo!!


hasarder said...

Yay for travelling through Europe! And thankyou, thankyou for the tip about couchsurfing - such a good way to meet the locals. I used it in three countries and have made some new friends. I'm completely converted!
Hope you're having a fantastic time and I can't wait to see some photos.

Mae said...

Hi Maegen,

My name is... Maegen! I was googling my name to find its meaning and bumped into your blog. We seem to have more in common: you are from Nashville, where a bunch of refugees have been placed that I have worked with in Tanzania. You are an American in Europe, and so am I... the difference is that I grew up here but my dad is American. How small the world can be! ;-)
Please feel free to e-mail me at
Take care,

vassi said...

Hi Maegen,
I hope you're enjoying your English sounds interesting and a quick way to get a teaching certificate. Where did you find out about it? Is there a website with info? I'm COSing in a month and would like to check it out. Thanks and be well!
Vassi (

Poor child said...

great! thanks very much for sharing!

Wilde said...

Hahaha! Just noticed that these posts are from 2007. Still good. :o)